Chanelle Leslie takes photos

Hi, Chanelle.

Salutations! G'day! Greetings! I love you! ...too soon? Sorry. I'm so glad you're here. Given that you're here, you're probably looking for a photographer of sorts, so let's chat. First of all, I need to be honest: I'm not purely a photographer. I'm a storyteller. That's why I studied journalism with a major in photography. I want to tell the stories that matter - to you, to me, and to everyone that will listen. So when I take a photo, I want to express a story through the image. It's a quality that comes with my background in newspapers as a professional photojournalist.

What kind of things do you shoot?

I can usually be found at events on weekends, shooting happenings like gigs, weddings & parties. The rest of the time, I tend to work on portrait-style shoots for fashion, exhibitions, advertising  & individuals. More recently, I've also dabbled in video

Where else can your work be seen?

I've worked with various newspapers, magazines, brands and agencies around the world, including Fairfax Media, Catchlight Media, Adelaide Fashion Festival, and Attitude magazine. I've also been featured in exhibitions at Fourwords, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Salad Days, and the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery.  

Ok. I think I like what I'm hearing.

That's great! Why don't you shoot me an email and we can talk about how I can help you? 

Or if you're not quite ready for that yet, follow my work on Facebook, or have a squiz at my blog on the main Not So Naked page.





Weddings & Engagements

Chanelle...caught my attention in an instant.
— XXIV Magazine
Oh my god! Completely floored. You are amazing. Thank you so much!!!
— J & T, wedding clients
Thank you so much for such an amazing afternoon yesterday! You are truly talented.
— Kristy, portraiture client

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